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This is a prescription product. Pet owners can use  Veterinary Request Form and return it to your veterinary professional.
Or, ask your vet to contact us directly.


Moderate support/protection for the back leg tarsus/ankle joint. Helps to support the ankle and relieve pain associated with: 
  • arthritis

  • degenerative joint disease

  • Achilles tendon injuries

  • collateral ligament strains and sprains

  • hyperextension

  • ankle deviation

This brace is also useful after splint or cast removal so that your pet has a transitional support to help prevent re-injury.  For active dogs that only need light support, try the Tarso-Flex Sports Wrap.

Stability Straps

Tarso-Flex X comes with stability straps - you apply them where needed on the outside of the brace for added support.  If you need more stability straps, they can be purchased separately. 

Foam Padding

Tarso-Flex X comes with foam padding - foam padding is used to improve comfort and protection of the leg and is applied inside the brace where needed.  Additional foam padding can be purchased separately.

Anti-Chafing Powder

If your pet has sensitive skin, we recommend applying anti-chafing powder inside the brace to help protect the leg.  Power sold separately.

Customized Fit

Tarso-Flex-X comes in 5 sizes and can be trimmed in width and height for a better fit.  Cinching strap ends can be trimmed off if too long. ​




A) Nylon Support Straps (included) can be applied anywhere on the brace to provide additional stability (see arrows). Nylon support straps can be cut lengthwise (to make shorter) and widthwise (to make narrower) and can be layered for even greater stability.

B) Self-adhesive foam padding (included) can be cut and applied inside the brace as needed for comfort.

C) Tarsal angle is adjustable to suit most tarsal angle conformations (see arrows at tarsal joint).



Additional padding included.

Additional padding included.



Comfortable application.


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