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Who can purchase Thera-Paw products?

Pet owners and Veterinarians can order a Thera-Paw Boot.

The following products do require a veterinary professional's approval, prescription, and sometimes completed order form to purchase:

  • Custom products  - any product with the word "custom" associated with its name (custom boots and slippers MAY be ordered directly by pet owners as long as the customized work is not too intricate)

  • Carpo-Splint Kit

  • Tarso-Flex-X

  • thermoplastics for splinting

  • Air Pressure Splints

If interested in the above products, please have your veterinary professional contact us.  Also, you can print our Custom Product Request Form and give it to your veterinary practitioner.

What is a "Veterinary Professional"?

A "Veterinary Professional" is an individual whose job it is to treat animal patients in a medical manner.  
This includes:

- Veterinarians

- Veterinary technicians/assistants/nurses/nurse practitioners

- Veterinary physical therapists / physiotherapists and occupational therapists

- Veterinary massage therapists

The individuals above are considered "Veterinary Professionals" and are therefore allowed to order Thera-Paw veterinary products.



How do I measure my dog's paw? 


Click the link to see the Thera-Paw Sizing Chart.  Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to measure your dog's paw. 

How are Thera-Paw Boots sold?


Thera-Paw boots are sold individually.  There is one (1) boot per order.


Do Thera-Paw Boots come in Front Paw/Back Paw or Left Leg/Right/Leg sizes? 


Thera-Paw Boots  are the same for the front and back paws, and for the left and right legs.  Make sure you correctly measure the affected paw prior to purchase.  If the paw is injured or temporarily bandaged, you can measure the other paw (other front paw or other back paw) AS LONG AS the paws are deemed similar in size. Determine your dog's size from our Thera-Paw Boot Sizing Chart

Can I leave the Thera-Paw boot on my dog all day long?


Dogs sweat through their paw pads.  Leaving ANY boot on a dog's paw for long periods (4+ hours) is NOT recommended.  If the paw is covered with a bootie for long periods, moisture may build up; constant exposure to moisture leads to skin breakdown (e.g., abrasions, blisters, wounds).  There are some instances where a boot does need to be left on for long periods (e.g., paw wound that needs to be covered).  If you need to leave the boot on for long periods, we recommend that you sprinkle some unscented, absorbing powder (e.g., Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, Dr. Scholl's Unscented Foot Powder) inside the boot to help absorb excess moisture.  If your pet has a wound or sore on the paw, we recommend that you use Neo-Predef powder inside the boot.  Please consult with your veterinarian if you have questions about Neo-Predef use and paw wounds. 


If your pet has paw allergies or sensitive skin, we recommend Anti Monkey Butt to reduce the build up of moisture.


If your pet needs to wear paw protection inside the home as well, we recommend a breathable, Custom Slipper or cotton sock cover (e.g., Power Paws by

I am trying to reorder boots for my dog, but the sizing names have changed. Can you let me know what "old size" corresponds to the "new size"?

The sizing names are as follows: 


            Old Name                  New Name

            Small                                T/B 

            Small/Medium                T/C 

            Small/Medium #2           T/D 

            Medium                           T/E 

            Medium/Large                T/F 

            Large                                T/G 

How should the Thera-Paw boot fit my dog's paw?


The Thera-Paw boot should fit snuggly around the paw, like a glove.  It is OK to have a little extra room inside the paw, and many dogs prefer a slightly looser fit. 


The cuff (sock) of the Thera-Paw boot should Velcro completely closed, with the lapels overlapping all the way.  If the cuff does not meet (close) all the way, then the boot will not be fastened tightly and may come off.  We recommend that you ask us to modify the boot by extending the width of the cuff . 


For the front paws, the cuff should sit below the carpal pad (the stopper pador pad that sits above the ground, at the wrist behind the leg, and next to the dew claw).  If the cuff crosses over the carpal pad:  

1. the boot may restrict movement at the wrist joint.

2. the boot may slide off because, when the dog bends the wrist, it will loosen the cuff and push the boot down.  We recommend that you ask us to modify the boot by lowering the height of the cuff.

What if my dog measures in between two sizes?

Match your paw measurements with to the size closest on the Thera-Paw Sizing Chart. 


If your pet's paw measurements (Paw Width AND Paw Length) are exact to those on the Sizing Chart, we suggest that you order the next size up.  Most dogs feel more comfortable with a slightly looser fit. 


If your dog appears to have measurements that DO NOT correspond to the Sizing Chart (e.g., Greyhound with Paw Width of 2.5" and Paw Length of 4"), then boot size is best determined by providing us with the following information: 

  • Dog's Sex 

  • Breed

  • Weight

  • Age

  • Affected Paw (front / back)

  • Paw Measurements




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