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Paw protection & traction.
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Thera-Paw Boots provide outdoor paw protection & comfort for dogs with injured and/or painful paws. Protects against outdoor irritants such as salt, hot pavement, & bacteria. For outdoor use only. Use inclue:

  • Arthritis of toes
  • Calluses, corns, warts, and cysts between toes
  • Toe dislocation / deviation / amputation
  • Toe strains / sprains

Comforts painful paws and helps aid paw and paw pad cuts, wounds, or burns. Wearing a boot is also a great alternative to paw bandages. Features include:

  • thick, padded, cushioned inner sole
  • durable, thick, rubber outer base
  • seamless interior for comfortable, non-irritating fit
  • dual cuff closure system secures boot in place

Why shouldn't my dog wear boots inside? Dogs sweat through their paw pads (not their skin or coats). Their paws need to breathe. Covering their paws with a dog bootie (including the Thera-Paw Boot) will not allow the pet's paw to breathe properly. Covering a pet's paw with a bootie for more than a few hours can lead to:

  • moisture build-up around the paw
  • chafing, abrasions, skin breakdown
  • infection

If your pet will mostly use paw protection indoors, we recommend a Cushy-Paw Slipper instead.

Slippers allow the paw to breathe and can be left on throughout the day while the pet is indoors. Slippers are padded and will protect and comfort your pet's paw.

SIZE GUIDE (in inches)

PAW: 2" W; 2.5" L; up to 3" Circumference
WRIST / ANKLE: up to 3" Circumference; 2" H

PAW: 2.25" W; 2.75" L; up to 4" Circumference
WRIST/ANKLE: up to 3.5" Circumference; 2.5" H

PAW: 2.5" W; 3" L; up to 5.25" Circumference
WRIST/ANKLE: up to 4" Circumference; 2.5" H

PAW: 2.75" W; 3.5" L; up to 6.25" Circumference
WRIST/ANKLE: up to 4.5" Circumference; 2.75" H

PAW: 3" W; 3.75" L; up to 6.75" Circumference
WRIST/ANKLE: up to 5" Circumference; 3.5" H

PAW: 3.5" W; 4.25" L; up to 7.5" Circumference
WRIST/ANKLE: up to 6" Circumference; 4" H

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