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Customized for a variety of tarsal conditions, which include:

  • Achilles/gastroc tendon injuries

  • hyperextension

  • collateral ligament injuries

  • polyarthritis (e.g., IMPA)

  • instabilities, sprains, strains

  • tarsal luxation

  • fractures or post-cast removal

  • arthritis, DJD, OCD

Custom Tarsal Supports are designed for the pet's specific needs.  These braces can be lightweight and flexible or completely immobilizing.  Braces are versatile and stability can be decreased/increased depending on the pet's needs.


Fabrication style and materials are chosen based on the pet's specific needs.  It includes:

  • Outer shell - neoprene, leather, nylon, breathable mesh

  • Outer straps - elastic, nylon, neoprene 

  • Inner padding - neoprene, memory foam, waterproof padding, sheepskin

  • Outer stabilizing components - nylon support straps, leather, thermoplastic sheets, thermoplastic stays

  • Assistive components - extension-assistive straps, hyperextension-reducing straps

  • Additional components - reflective tape, D-rings, footplates, rubberized protection, gaiter (waterproof nylon brace covers for protection; sold separately) ​


What to consider before you order a custom device.


When ordering a device, it is important to determine what you are trying to achieve. This will help to determine the most appropriate device for the pet and guide you in completing the Custom Order Form.
What is the goal for this device:

  • Immobilize or support a joint

  • Protect against injury or prevent injury

  • Prevent or correct deformity or contracture

  • Assist with function or therapeutic exercise

Thera-Paw provides custom braces and supports that are made of soft materials (e.g., neoprene, sheepskin).  Stability and immobilization can be achieved by adding nylon support straps or thermoplastic splints.  


Sometimes, a custom orthotic device may be more appropriate for the pet.  

When to consider a custom orthotic device:​

  • For giant breeds or overweight large pets

  • For long-term use / need for heavy-duty brace

  • When controlled / specific movement is needed at a joint

  • When cost is not a significant factor

  • Custom orthotic companies include: Hero, Animal Orthocare, Orthopets, My Pet's Brace, etc...

When to consider a custom Thera-Paw brace:​

  • For toy, small, medium, and large pets

  • For shorter-term use 

  • When circumferential support / stability is needed at a joint or body part

  • If you want to retain the ability to modify the brace in-house (increase or decrease support)

  • When cost is a factor 

This is a prescription product. Contact your veterinary professional about your pet's special needs. Veterinary Professionals log in here.


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To prevent re-injury:

Tarsal braces can be made of lightweight and very flexible material. These are examples of custom, lightweight neoprene tarsal wraps with elastic straps.  They provide protection against re-injury and sensory feedback to improve body awareness while allowing nearly normal range of motion.