This memory foam padding is ideal for spot applications (e.g., relieving pressure sores).  It is soft and contours well over bony areas.  The self-adhesive backing allows for easy application inside prostheses and orthoses, splints and braces, and boots.   

Foam padding is meant to be changed every 2-4 weeks depending on wear schedule.  Signs that indicate a need to change padding include:

  •    padding is completely compressed

  •    padding begins to peel


Memory foam absorbs moisture and retains wetness and should be placed over dry areas and kept dry.  Memory foam is temperature-sensitive, and will stiffen a little in cold temperatures and soften in warm temperatures.

Self-Adhesive Memory Foam Padding


    • Full refunds (excluding shipping) can only be issued if the item is returned to us UNOPENED from it’s original protective package.

    • If you ordered two products (e.g. 2 boots) and you need to assess fit, please apply a protective garment over your pet’s paw or limb and only open ONE package. You may use a very thin baby sock or stocking to so that the boot does not come in direct contact. 

    • In the case that an opened package item is returned, it will undergo a thorough inspection to insure that it is free of any pet hair, dirt, or debris.Thera-Paw reserves the right to reject a refund or exchange if items have been in any direct contact with your pet, with our a protective garment. 

    • Although our only goal is to create the most reliable health products and we value your complete satisfaction, by Federal Law, Thera-paw reserves the right reject returns and refunds, if the criteria above does not meet our standards. 

    • Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase order date.

    • Shipping charges are not reimbursable. 

    • We cannot accept returns from distributors or companies, other than retail price purchases. 

    • All items that are returned, but cannot be restocked, exchanged or returned will be donated to non-profit animal rescue organizations. See our list of participating non-profit organizations for more info. 


    Shipping Policy

    You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. We can ship products anywhere in the United States using the United States Postal Service.  When you place an order we will estimate delivery dates based upon the availability of your item(s), shipping method selected and your shipment's destination. Our shipping charges are determined by the total dollar amount of your order, excluding applicable sales tax. 

    Standard Shipping
    Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

    Priority Shipping
    Please allow 3-4 business days for delivery.

    International Shipping
    We'll gladly ship anywhere on the planet.  IMPORTANT: Many countries charge taxes, duties, and import fees. It is your responsibility to assess these charges prior to ordering and to pay for these additional charges once the item is ordered. 

    Please contact us if you have questions about returning or exchanging one of our products.


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