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Price: $21-$25
Thera-Paw Boot
Sold Individually.  The ultra-cushioned interior pad alleviates pain, which reduces lameness, and promotes more even weight distribution. The perforated top sole and eye-hole design allow the paw to breathe, reducing moisture build-up at the injured site. Thera-Paw is easily cleaned by rinsing with warm water. Mild detergent may be used. It air dries in less than one hour, and is ready for immediate reapplication.

Common Uses
  • As a breathable, protective alternative to bandages, or as a bandage cover.
  • For Calluses, corns, and warts, dragging toes, torn ligaments, and arthritic or broken toes.
  • For cuts, scrapes, pad burns, puncture wounds, or other soft tissue injuries.
  • To provide traction for unstable dogs, or for those dogs walking on slick surfaces.
  • To protect paws against environmental hazards such as rocks, ice, salt, hot pavement, and sand.
  • To protect owners and pool surfaces from scratches and scrapes when swimming.
Designed to stay in place and be worn all day.
"I see two primary applications for Thera-Paw: Post-surgery to protect the bandage and the foot, and post-bandage removal to protect the vulnerable site and prevent re-injury.... I think this product is also useful for corns, where either surgery has failed or the owner has declined surgery... Thera-Paw is well made with no internal seams to reduce rubbing.. And is well-tolerated... It provides good overall protection, padding, and support."
Christopher Hunt, BVSc, DACVS The Animal Emergency and Referral Center West Caldwell, NJ 

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Product Reviews

(22 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
Awesome product. Lifelong customer.
Andrew Welch (Jessup, MD) 6/24/2013 12:07 AM
Excellent product, overall. My greyhound went from being so severely lame on his front left foot that he would hop around on the other three legs, to walking with a nearly normal gait while wearing the boot. This boot really made a significant difference in the quality of life for my dog, and should be included in the treatment plan for every occurrence of corns or other similar paw pad injuries. Unfortunately he has developed more corns on other feet, so I will need to order more boots. Ensure that you measure carefully when ordering, and email the folks who make the boots with any questions: they were extremely helpful to me in customizing my greyhounds boot due to his oddly shaped feet.
Great for greyhounds with corns
Megan (State College, PA) 10/27/2012 3:31 PM
The therapaw boot has made a huge difference for my greyhound, Quincy, who has a corn on his paw. He had only been able to walk on grass for months, but is now able to go for long walks again on varied surfaces without limping. It took a few short trial walks before he adjusted to wearing the boot, but it was a short process of acclimation and he now walks with the boot on with ease. The boot is extremely easy to put on and fits snugly and without slippage on grey's skinny legs. I would highly recommend the therapaw boot for greyhounds with corns, as it has allowed Quincy to return to his daily walks without pain or limping.
Greyhound adoption rep
Chris Nooney (Seattle, WA) 7/10/2011 10:47 AM
Highly recommended to memebers for corn comfort.
Susan Fernandez (Pleasant View, TN) 8/8/2010 9:10 PM
I ordered a Thera-paw boot for my greyhound, who suffers from corns. We tried every available treatment except amputation, and nothing seemed to help even slightly. I heard about Thera-paw from our vet and my dog is so much more comfortable. Not only does it aleviate his pain while he's wearing it, but he limps far less even after it's removed since the slightly warm moist environment seems to soften the corn. I'm re-ordering because after five years he's finally worn the first one out. I cannot recommend this product enough!
TheraPaw to the rescue!
Amanda Mitchell (Nampa, ID) 1/2/2010 7:46 PM
Just recieved Buddy's TheraPaw a couple days ago. So far I am very impressed with the quality of the boot. It has great padding and and nice and durable rubber sole. This boot is much better than any other I've been able to find. It works great outside in the snow, rain and mud (yes we have had all in the past 2 days!) It did take a little bit for Buddy to get used to it but he is already getting around great. He hasn't bothered it at all (tried to get it off, or chew it), even when left at home alone for several hours. Only cons I've seen so far are it is just a little bulky but the quality makes up for that. It did take a bit for Bud to get used to it (to be expected). It had a bad rubber/paint smell when we recieved it. Overall two thumbs up! Recommend for dogs that have sores or wounds on their feet, or if you just need a high quality boot. I work in the veterinary field and plan on recommending TheraPaw to all I see fit.