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I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know about our Greyhound Banjo and his Therapaw boots. Unfortunately Banjo has got corns on all four of his paws, some paws even have more than one toe affected by corns, and as such treatments haven't been successful and surgery isn't an option with so many corns. However, thanks to Therapaw boots, Banjo is able to go on all of his walks without having to worry about splaying his feet or hobbling along on the pavement. Once he has his boots on, he trots along like a proud horse, ears up, searching for any sign of a cat, a remarkable difference to how he walks without his boots (tail between his legs, concentrating on the pavement with his paws splayed out in fron of his torso). We've had the therapaw boots for two years now, and only now are they strting to show signs of wear (and he wears them every day twice a day). I cannot imagine how much the quality of his life would be affected if we didn't have the boots, they are superb and I cannot recommend them highly enough to other Greyhound owners who's Grey's have got corns. Attached are photos of Banjo from his recent holiday down in Cornwall in the UK - he loved walking around the towns, and had lots of attention from everyone wanting to see his boots.

Thanks for great product,

4yr old Greyhound

Before I found Thera-Paw my 4yr old Greyhound was having difficulty walking. He was limping and I discovered my boy had some corns developing on his feet. Our walks, which he enjoyed, had to be cut short due to his discomfort. He loved his walks and he would have continued on regardless, I am sure! Then I found out about Thera-Paw. What a world of difference it has made for him! Now before each outing we put his boots on his affected feet and off we go! He is so proud when he is walking! I would definitely recommend these boots to others!
~ Peggy


We wanted to thank you for getting the boots to us so quickly. We were able to go for a hike on Sunday and thought you would like to see what Thera-Paw has done for Tomochi. We use to go hiking every weekend until the accident; this was the first hike since Aug of last year. We use to hike 8-12 miles one way; I was expecting maybe 1 or 2 but we were able to hike 4 miles each way with an incline of a 1000 ft. We could tell Tomochi was very glad to be out hiking again, Thank you very much.

Marc, Annette, Blue and Tomochi


Our greyhound, BeBe, has corns on two of her toe pads. She has been wearing Thera-Paw boots for walking outdoors since last fall, and they are great! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

-Alice K.


When our field golden, Murphy, was a little more than a year old, he got through the fence while chasing a rabbit, and was hit by a car. Fixing him required a metal plate to put his pelvis back together.

Because of some late-developing nerve complications from scar tissue, a bone infection struck his two center toes on the paw on the injured leg. By the time he showed symptoms, it was too late. After trying every medication possible, many trips to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and visits to countless other doctors, we finally had to amputate the toes to save the paw, possibly even the leg.

That stopped the infection. But without the two load-bearing toes, he was reluctant to put weight on the leg, which over a number of months, became thin and weak. The weaker it got, the less he would even try to use it. It atrophied to the point that one vet said we might have to consider amputating the leg all together, rather than allow it to hang there.

Rejecting that option, I literally searched the world for something that would support the paw -- trying boots for sled dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, racing dogs. Nothing really worked.

Then I stumbled on Thera-Paw and Ilaria.

After many phone calls and a trip to a specialist at the end of Long Island, we combined weight loss, therapy and the TheraPaw boot -- which she had just recently developed.

He started to make progress almost immediately. He began to use the paw, and the leg got stronger. Within a month, he was running full speed, chasing down Frisbees and generally living like a golden is supposed to.

That was eight years ago. He's nine and a half, still wears the boot, and as you can see from the photo, is still going strong.

I will always be grateful to Ilaria and to Thera-Paw for giving back quality of life to an amazing dog.

Bill Ruffin


As you can see, Hunter is doing very well. Photo is of his surfing with his original Thera-Paw carpal wraps. Since I've been sure to put them on tightly, they haven't fallen off. I think you'll be impressed.

~Harriet & Hunter


I’m Nesi, a beautiful, 6 year old greyhound, who thanks to my “running shoes” can still show the world how happy I am, by doing my goofy power turns and going for crazy runs in the park.

2 years ago when I moved to my new home, I had a bad limp, first on the back leg, then on the front leg. I didn’t like the sidewalks or roads very much. If my owners got me to the park, I would find a spot to sit and wait to go home. My paws always hurt and had oozing sores. I had blood tests, x-rays and a biopsy but they were all “inconclusive”. Then one day, my mum put these strange boots on my feet and at first I didn’t like them, but after a while I noticed that with the Thera-Paws, it didn’t hurt to go out for walks. As my walking got better, I starting going to a park where I could run around on my own.

Here are 2 pics of me – in one I’m running with my shoes on, the other, I’m leading the way with Cal.

PS a note from mum: Thanks to your website, I was able to get the information I needed to figure out what was wrong with Nesi, and make it better. We thank you for your fabulous boots without which Nesi would be lame. We’re sure Nesi will need these boots for the rest of her life as all 4 of her paws are in bad shape with corns/wart reappearing even with the constant attention her paws get.

Siri, John, Keir and Cal (Nesi’s loving family)
Living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Thera-Paw gave our Tango a new lease on life." Tango developed degenerative myelopathy which caused his left foot to knuckle and drag leaving his toes sore. We tried several types of boots on him, but none were successful. Our vet suggested Thera-Paw Dorsi-Flex -- it is wonderful. As he wore the boot, we discovered ways Tango needed to have the boot custom made for him. The owner of Thera-Paw was wonderful in working with us and our vet. He now has his boots and is more comfortable when he walks outside. Our friends tease us that Tango has his own shoemaker. I highly recommend the Thera-Paw Dorsi-Flex product.

C. Free, Malvern, PA


My 10 year old Greyhound "Moon" broke a toe and I have been using a Thera-Paw boot on that foot. From the first time she wore the boot her limp went away. I was expecting her to try and kick off the boot but to my surprise she just began walking like there was nothing wrong or nothing on her foot.

I am very satisfied with this product.


Ami’s Thera Paws arrived in the mail on Saturday and he is one happy hound! His mother is probably even happier. By Monday morning he was already acting like he’d been wearing them his whole life and, for the first time in nearly a year, he is not limping. Its like a long forgotten world has re opened to him and it brought tears to my eyes seeing him really enjoy his walks again. Thank you all so very, very much.



Benjamin had been my running partner for 10 years. The highlight of his day is getting out for a walk or a run. The vet would always comment about how fit he was, especially for his age. Soon after his 10th birthday, we started noticing that his right hind foot seemed to be turning inward as he walked and he seemed to be scuffing that foot along instead of picking it up. After moving through several consultants, including an MRI with a veterinarian neurologist, we still don't know why his foot has nerve damage.

We tried using a protective bootie on the foot, but he would still end up stubbing a toe because he couldn't pick up his foot. Since Ben had good strength in his leg, a rehab specialist thought Ben might benefit from a Thera-Paw Dorsiflex Assistive Wrap and Boot. It works perfectly! Ben is back walking and can even run a bit. The Thera-Paw staff have been very helpful in making custom adjustments for him. They have given this athletic dog back his active life.

~ Cheryl & Ben


Murphy is our nine year old greyhound and he's been dealing with warts on three of his paws for the past four years. As soon as he was diagnosed, I jumped online to find out as much as I could about how to get rid of them. I also asked for help from the greyhound community here in Colorado. Everybody agreed that the only way to ensure that Murphy could continue going for walks was to invest in Thera-Paws. I can't thank you enough for the research you've done for these wonderful hounds! Murphy would be a very sad boy if he couldn't go for walks anymore.