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General Questions


Q1. How are Thera-Paw Boots sold?

Thera-Paw boots are sold individually.  There is one boot per package.


Q2.  Do Thera-Paw boots come in Front Paw and Back Paw sizes? Do Thera-Paw boots come in Right Paw and Left Paw?

Thera-Paw boots are made for all paws equally.  There is no difference between front and hind boots and right and left boots.


Q3.  Can I leave the Thera-Paw boot on my dog all day long?

Dogs sweat through their paw pads, and leaving ANY boot or cover on a dog’s paw for long periods of time (4+ hours) is NOT recommended.  There are cases where the boot does need to be left on for long periods (e.g., paw wound that needs to be covered).  If you need to leave the boot on for long periods of time, we recommend that you sprinkle some unscented, absorbing powder (e.g., Dr. Scholl’s Unscented Foot Powder) inside the boot to help absorb excess moisture.  If your pet has a wound or sore on the paw, we recommend that you use Neo-Predef powder inside the boot.  Please consult with your veterinarian if you have questions about Neo-Predef use and paw wounds.

If your dog has paw allergies itching or irritations, we recommend Anti Monkey Butt . 

Q4.  I am trying to reorder boots for my dog, but see that you have changed the sizing names.  Can you let me know which size corresponds to the old “medium”?

The sizing names are as follows:

            Old Name                  New Name

            Small                                 T/B

            Small/Medium                 T/C

            Small/Medium #2            T/D

            Medium                             T/E

            Medium/Large                 T/F

            Large                                 T/G
Measuring and Ensuring a Good Fit


Q5.  How do I measure my dog’s paw?

Click the link to see the Thera-Paw Sizing Chart and Information.  Scroll down the Sizing Chart and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to measure your dog’s paw.


Q6.  How should the Thera-Paw boot fit my dog’s paw?

The Thera-Paw boot should fit snugly around the paw, like a glove.  It is OK to have a little extra room inside the paw, and many dogs prefer a slightly looser fit.


The cuff (sock) of the Thera-Paw boot should Velcro completely closed, with the lapels overlapping all the way.  If the cuff does not meet (close) all the way, then the boot will not be fastened tightly and may come off.  We recommend that you ask us to modify the boot by extending the width of the cuff .


For the front paws, the cuff should sit below the carpal pad (the “stopper pad” or pad that sits above the ground, at the wrist behind the leg, and next to the dew claw).  If the cuff crosses over the carpal pad:  1) the boot may restrict movement at the wrist joint, and 2) the boot may slide off because, when the dog bends the wrist, it will loosen the cuff and push the boot down.  We recommend that you ask us to modify the boot by lowering the height of the cuff .


Q7.  What if my dog measures in between two sizes?

Match your paw measurements with to the size closest on the Thera-Paw Sizing Chart.


If your pet’s paw measurements (Paw Width AND Paw Length) are exact to those on the Sizing Chart, we suggest that you order the next size up.  Most dogs feel more comfortable with a slightly looser fit.


If your dog appears to have measurements that DO NOT correspond to the Sizing Chart (e.g., Greyhound with Paw Width of 2.5” and Paw Length of 4”), then boot size is best determined by providing us with the following information:

Dog’s Sex:




Affected Paw (front / back):

Paw Measurements:


Please e-mail ( or call (908-439-9139) with the above information and we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate size for your pet.


It may be that the Thera-Paw boot requires modifications, which we can do for those hard-to-fit dogs.


Q8.  How do I keep the boot from sliding off when my dog is running?

To ensure that the boot stays on:

1)  Make sure that you have ordered the correct size following the Thera-Paw Sizing Chart.

2)  Make sure that the boot is closed securely.  The Velcro lapels need to overlap completely. If the Velcro lapels cannot completely overlap because the dog’s wrist/ankle is too big, then the cuff of the boot needs to be widened.

3)  If the Thera-Paw boot is being used on a front paw, make sure that the cuff of the boot sits below the carpal pad. If the cuff comes up over the carpal pad, the movement at the wrist joint will loosen the cuff and force the boot to slide down. If the cuff comes up over the carpal pad, then it will need to be lowered.


Q9.  Will my dog eat the boot?

Thera-Paw boots provide a snug fit, and are well-tolerated by most dogs. If left alone for long periods of time, some dogs get bored and will chew the boot.  If your pet is a “chewer”, remove the boot while the pet is unattended, or use an e-collar to prevent your pet from chewing off the boot. 
Is Thera-Paw the Right Boot for my Dog?

Q10.  My dog tore his nail and paw pad.  Is Thera-Paw the right boot for him?

Yes.  Thera-Paw is specifically designed for dogs with paw and pad injuries.  This includes cuts, scrapes, injured or torn nails (including from Pemphigus and SLO), long-term conditions such as painful corns or warts, and chronic licking.


Q11.  My dog is weak and is knuckling/scraping her back paws.  Is Thera-Paw the right boot for her?

The Thera-Paw boot is not generally recommended for weak dogs that are knuckling.  Thera-Paw boots were designed for dogs with paw injuries who are otherwise healthy.  Weak or unstable dogs may find the Thera-Paw boots to be too heavy, and may have even more trouble walking.  For those dogs that are slipping on hardwood, linoleum or tile floor, we recommend Sticky-Pawz .  For those dogs that are weak and knuckling/scraping their back paws, we recommend the Dorsi-Flex Assist .  Please consult with your veterinarian or rehabilitative specialist if you think that the Dorsi-Flex Assist is the right product for your dog.


Q12.  Why is my dog walking funny with the boot on? He’s hopping and doesn’t seem to want to put his foot on the floor.

Dogs feel the environment through their paws. Covering their paws takes away their ability to feel the ground. Dogs may get nervous when they are unable to “feel” where they are walking, and may not want to place their foot on the ground.


Most dogs adjust very quickly to wearing the boots.  Once you apply the Thera-Paw boot, we recommend you take your pet out for a walk.  This will help your pet focus less attention on the boots and get them used to wearing them.  Some dogs feel so much more comfortable in the boots that they will hold their paw up in anticipation prior to going for a walk.


Q13.  Will my dog’s gait or balance be affected with only one boot?

Wearing only one boot should not affect with your dog’s gait or make them unbalanced. Some dogs do feel more comfortable wearing a boot on each paw so that all paws “feel the same”.


Q14.  My dog was born with a paw deformity.  Can the Thera-Paw boots be customized for dogs with special needs?

Yes.  If you have a dog with special needs (e.g., amputated toe, growth or wound on the paw, deformity) we can modify the boot to meet these needs.  The most efficient way to help us determine your pet’s needs is for you to fax (908-439-9239) or e-mail ( a paw tracing.  Please contact us (908-439-9139) to discuss your pet’s special needs. The modified boots can only be shipped within the USA.


Q15.  My dog developed a sore on her paw while wearing the boot.  Why? And how can I prevent this from happening in the future?

Most dogs have very little natural protection on their paws (little hair, bony knuckles).  Some dogs, such as Greyhounds, have very sensitive skin on their paws.  Hair easily rubs off their knuckles and their skin is very thin and prone to abrasion.   For pets with sensitive skin, it is important to be extra careful with anything placed on these dogs’ paws since even thick, cotton bandaging material can cause abrasions if left on for too long.  Our suggestions for these types of pets are as follows: 

1)  Make sure Thera-Paw boots are completely dry before applying them on your pet’s paws (excess wetness leads to skin breakdown).

2)  Sprinkle unscented talcum powder, (e.g., Dr. Scholl’s Unscented Foot Powder) inside the boot prior to applying it to your pet.  The powder will help to absorb excess moisture, lubricate the paw, and reduce rubbing.

3)  Take the boots off whenever possible.  If your pet needs thick, padded protection throughout the day, we suggest that you purchase a pair of Cushy-Paw Slippers  for use while inside the house.  Cushy-Paw Slippers are heavily padded, but provide more room and are more comfortable for long-term, indoor use.