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Carpo-Splint Kit

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Carpo-Splint Kit
Strong Support to Complete Immobilization:
8-10 on scale of 1-10
Scale: 1 is light support and 10 is complete immobilization
Splint Kit includes:  Neoprene wrap, foam padding, nylon support straps, thermoplastic sheet, and Velcro tabs.
*Thermoplastic sheet is molded over the wrap to achieve complete immobilization of the limb.
  • Stabilize the wrist with strong support
  • Imobilize the wrist with use of the thermoplastic splint
  • Reduce carpal deviations or hyperextention
X-Small:  3¾" W x 3½" H
Fits small dogs with up to 3¾" wrist circumference.
(Dachshund, Fox Terrier, French Bulldog, Jack Russell, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Sheltie)
Small:  4" W x 4½" H 
Fits small-medium dogs with up to 4" wrist circumference.
(Australian Cattle Dog, Beagle, Border Collie, Brittany, Cocker, Samoyed, Vizsla, Whippet)
Medium:  5¾" W x 6¼" H 
Fits medium dogs with up to 5¾" wrist circumference.
(Boxer, Greyhound, Collie, Dalmation, Doberman, Husky, Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, Weimaraner)
Large:  7¾" W x 8" H
Fits medium-large dogs with up to 7¾" wrist circumference.
(German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Rottweiler, Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback)
X-Large:  8½" W x 9" H
Fits large dogs with up to 8½" wrist circumference.
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If you do not have a code, please contact us via email at Thera-Paw. THANK YOU!

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